Transcription Notes


Harrison Ainsworth / HXA7241


Form: Printed book
Title: Conversations of Goethe, with Eckermann and Soret
Author: Johann Peter Eckermann
Translator: John Oxenford
Publisher: George Bell & Sons, London.
Date: 1906
Printer: William Clowes and Sons, Limited, London and Beccles.
British Library MARC21: 001-010218011
Description: Dark red cloth over board binding, 130mm x 185mm x 43mm, 612 pages plus 32 pages of publishers adverts plus 1 at front and 1 at back



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Page breaks in the original source are coded as comments, of the form: <!--pagestartoriginal-027-->, and <!--pagestartoriginal-xiv--> for prefaces.


It seems safe to assume the pure textual content created by Eckermann and Oxenford is in the public domain.