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several small C++, Lua, Ruby, OCaml things, with source code

FPDissect floating-point format viewer

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🌊 fpdissect.c easily compilable C-90 source code (7 KiB)

Displays the structure of IEEE-754 floating point single (binary32) and double (binary64) precision numbers. (Requires 64-bit ints.)

GITI format

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📃 giti-validator.js GITI Validator web page

GITI is a electric guitar music notation text format.

UTF-8 filter tool / library

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🐫 utf8filter-3-ocaml.tar.gz OCaml 4.02 source code and bytecode exe and lib (28 KiB)

Reads stdin and checks, filters, or replaces it as UTF-8 content. (According to RFC-3629 and Unicode 7.0.).

TXON format / library / tool

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🐍 txon.py.txt TXON - JSON - native conversion lib/tool

TXON minimal data format enables embedding structured data into text readably and unobtrusively.

‘Software Engineering Symbol’ generator tool

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🌙 sesgen.lua executable Lua 5.1/5.2 source code (5 KiB)
🐫 sesgen.ml executable OCaml 4.00 source code (4 KiB)

Read the original article for explanation.

PPM image comparator tool

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🌙 ppmcompare.lua executable Lua 5.1 source code (8 KiB)

Minimal basic object system for Scheme R5RS

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🍐 minimal-objects.scm Scheme R5RS source code (6 KiB)

There are plenty of others, but all rather sophisticated and fully featured. This one is very small and simple.

CodeGauge C++/Java/C# lines of code counter Windows gadget

CodeGauge icon
📦 CodeGauge4src.zip zipped C++ source code and executable (40 KiB)
💻 CodeGauge.exe Windows executable (45 KiB)
📄 CodeGauge.readme.txt readme (2 KiB)
🖼 CodeGauge-image.png image (2 KiB)

TimeGauge stopwatch Windows gadget

TimeGauge icon
📦 TimeGauge1src.zip zipped C++ source code and executable (32 KiB)
💻 TimeGauge.exe Windows executable (37 KiB)
📄 TimeGauge.readme.txt readme (2 KiB)
🖼 TimeGauge-image.png image (2 KiB)

DeXhtml XHTML remover Windows tool

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📦 DeXhtml1src.zip zipped C++ source code and executable (49 KiB)
💻 DeXhtml.exe Windows executable (43 KiB)
📄 DeXhtml.readme.txt readme (3 KiB)

RubyGauge Ruby lines of code counter tool

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💎 RubyGauge.rb executable Ruby source code (5 KiB)