Gender-critical philosophy

Transgender rights claims are oddly ungrounded
All other social justice campaigns are grounded on an objective measure of inequality, but trans rights is solely subjective. Being unlocated in ethical space, nothing fastens the rights to any individual or bounds the claims made on others. So it cannot resolve conflicts with others' subjective wants, or produce coherent ethical propositions.
Are ‘preferred pronouns’ a justifiable demand?
‘Preferred pronouns’ are cooperatively self-defeating, because they can refer to no other substantial meaning than the female/male-ness which they contradict, and have no other neutral perspective to found a moral justification upon.
Jenkins' ‘inclusion’ is confused, misleading, and impossible
Jenkins' ‘ameliorative enquiry’ proposes exemption not redefinition, because there are no new definitions; there are no new definitions because (1) this kind of redefinition is circular, and (2) there is no new fact; there is no new fact because ‘identifying-as’ is referencing not being.
‘Woman’ does not have a ‘social definition’
There is no such thing as a ‘social definition’ of women. Woman is a physiological class, that is both there quite plainly in fact, and in established usage, and must so exist with that priority for any of the subsidiary social concepts to be meaningful.
There is no definition problem with transwomen
Transwomen must apply to the usual biological definition of woman to claim the identities/spaces/etc specified by it. Any sense of some definitional problem is a confusion or a distraction.
Self-ID transwomen cannot logically reject separate spaces
If we assume self-ID as the only criteria for transwomen to claim membership of the category of women (you are if you say you are), the basic logic renders any complaints against separate spaces self defeating.
Women + transwomen is a contradictory group
The group ‘women + transwomen’, selected by self-ID, is either meaningless or contradictory. The structure is that grouping by physiological male/female-ness is the rule, and self-ID is an exemption to the rule, and one grounded on nothing.
Delimiting transwomen's claim on womens spaces
Transwomen's claim rests on oppression. So how do oppressors know who the transwomen are? The criterion for them entering women's spaces is the one for them leaving men's. Significant bodily modification is the only plausible qualifier. Transwomen can have the conscience to follow that norm.