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  "title": "Heraldry",
  "author": "Harrison Ainsworth",
  "date": "2006-10-26",
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some heraldic and calligraphic work

heraldic plates

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stallplate (mono)
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(82 KiB)
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stallplate (mono)
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ARMS: Ermine a Mimosa flower ensigned with the Royal Crown proper on a Chief Gules a Heart Or between two pierced Mullets of seven points Argent. CREST: A wedgetailed Eagle and a Bird of Paradise respectant proper supporting a Sword point upward Argent hilt and pommel Or. SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a Unicorn Argent crined and unguled Or and on the sinister side a Griffin also Or each supporting a Sword point downwards Argent hilt and pommel Gold.

These are non-digital designs for enamelled metal stall-plates for Knights of The Most Honourable Order Of The Bath and The Most Distinguished Order Of St Michael And St George.

Drawn with a Rotring pen on CS10 paper. Coloured with gouache.

Situated in Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral, London.

calligraphic records

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scrivening 1
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scrivening 2
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These are non-digital scrivenings of pedigree records for the College Of Arms. Just small, one-page examples—sometimes they would stretch over five pages.

Original document size: 282mm x 393mm, image resolution: 3.937 pixels per mm, letter x-height: 3mm, line height: 5.5mm. (Approximately actual size on an average screen.)


  • Mitchell Copperplate angled nib — quite good, medium-fine
  • elegantly carved wooden Paul Petzold holder — rather expensive, but pleasing (an angled nib permits a much wider choice of holders)
  • Higgins Eternal ink — fine, dark, permanent
  • College Of Arms' paper — they had had a limited stock made for them (have they run-out yet?)

Now my kit would be:

Gillott 303 — medium/fine, firmish. For extra-fine soft: Gillott 291. For medium/broad firmish: Gillott 404.
Normal/standard oblique one is fine — doesn't make much difference.
Walker's Copperplate Ink, or Iron Gall ink — fine, beautiful gradation of darkness, permanent.
Rotring pencil 0.5mm, ruler, calculator — nothing special.
Small-curve scalpel blades, and gum sandarac.
Zerkall Bütten (Kupferdruck).


Layout measures would be:

  • incline of 57.3 degrees (1 radian) from horizontal
  • height of:
    • large: 7mm ascender, 6mm x-height
    • medium: 1mm leading, 3mm ascender, 3.5mm x-height
    • small: 10mm whole, 3mm x-height