Post-Currencyism 0: Introduction

NOTE HXA7241 2014-01-19T11:09Z

An examination of post-currency economic systems, in a few parts.

Is it possible to have a non-currency economic system? – one that is sophisticated, large-scale, and decentralised? There seem to be no good descriptions of such a thing.

This series of notes will try to answer that question. And like a thought-experiment, in a constructive way: by considering how to invent it, and seeing what that implies.

It seems there might be a general form such systems would take with current information technology ...

The notes so far:

  • 1: Outline – What is a specific, concrete way to describe the core idea? What software form would it take?
  • 2: Allocation – But does this make sense as an economic mechanism? How can it allocate without currency?
  • 3: Security – Does this make a viable cooperative structure? Is it basically self-supporting?