OCaml language design articles

NOTE HXA7241 2015-11-08T11:07Z

A list of academic articles on the original development of various OCaml features.

OCaml's more advanced features are not so fully explained in the manual and other documentation such as ‘Real World OCaml’. But OCaml has been developed largely through academic work, so the primary source for explanation of parts of the language is such articles. So gathered here is a list of various of those.

"Programming with polymorphic variants"; Garrigue; 1998 / article.
"Code reuse through polymorphic variants"; Garrigue; 2000 / article.
"Relaxing the value restriction"; Garrigue; 2004 / article.
"Private row types: abstracting the unnamed"; Garrigue; 2006 / article.
"A proposal for recursive modules in OCaml"; Leroy; 2003 / article.
"Recursive modules for programming"; Nakata; 2006
"First-class modules and composable signatures in Objective Caml 3.12"; Frisch; 2010 / article.
"Adding GADTs to OCaml: the direct approach"; Garrigue; 2011 / article.
"Tracing ambiguity in GADT type inference"; Garrigue; 2012 / article.
"Ambivalent Types for Principal Type Inference with GADTs"; Garrigue; 2013 / article.
"GADTs meet subtyping"; Rémy; 2012 / article.