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{ "artefact-metadata-hxa7241-www": {
  "title": "Tadist Tool",
  "author": "Harrison Ainsworth",
  "date": "2021-05-31",
  "id": "urn:uuid:7F1D08D6-59D3-4F9B-A8FB-2ACB23A82D8A",
  "subtype": "text/html",
  "type": "article" } }

Tadist Tool

a metadata extractor and file renamer for ebooks


Tadist Tool is a small command-line program that does two main things:

  • prints metadata for an ebook, from file and internet query
  • renames an ebook file, from file metadata and internet query

According to the 📄 TADIST format definition.

Ebook file-types supported:

The source code, in 🐫 OCaml 4.12, is available, under 🦬📜 AGPL license.

Extracting metadata from an ebook seems a trivial problem, but dealing as this does with human-produced data, and the profusion of negligence, madness, and villainy encountered therein, it is a much more demanding task than it ought to be. With that in mind, and despite its remaining imperfections, a ready to use tool to address this might still be found welcome and useful.



screenshot of invocation with '-j' command

print metadata:

$ tadist -m An-Ebook.pdf

suggest a file name:

$ tadist -s An-Ebook.epub

rename an ebook file:

$ tadist -r An-Ebook.pdf


usage can be grouped into four forms:

$ tadist [-h|-?|--help]
$ tadist -v | (-??|--doc)
$ tadist -(m|j|s|r|R) (-|<filename>)
$ tadist -c (-|<string>)


-h | -? | --help     help
-??     | --doc      more doc (144 lines)
-v | --version       version info
-m | --metadata      print: output metadata as INI
-j | --json          print: output metadata as JSON
-s | --suggest       suggest: print inferred name
-r | --rename        rename: ask to rename file to inferred name
-R | --rename-quiet  rename: immediately rename file to inferred name
-c | --convert       convert: between name and text form
-                    take filename/string from stdin
<string>             (use single quotes to quote)


Version 1.2.1 ‒ 2021-05-31

📦 tadist-1.2.1-src_hxa7241_2021.tgz source code (🐫 OCaml 4.12) (72 KiB)
🖥️ tadist-1.2.1-bin_hxa7241_2021.tgz executable (🐧 Linux-GNU x86_64) (3 MiB)


   "title": "TADIST tool 1.2.1 (OCaml 4.12)",
   "creator": "Harrison Ainsworth / HXA7241",

   "date": "2021-05-31",
   "date": "2020-04-10",
   "date": "2015-05-23",

   "description": "A small command-line tool that: prints ebook metadata, suggests a file name for an ebook, or renames an ebook file.",
   "subject": "command-line, file-metadata, renaming, Epub, PDF, OCaml, TADIST",

   "type": "software",
   "language": "en-GB",
   "language": "OCaml 4.12",
   "format": "text/ocaml",
   "format": "Linux-GNU x86_64",

   "relation": "http://www.hxa.name",
   "identifier": "http://www.hxa.name/tools/#tadist",
   "rights": "GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3",

   "references": "https://openlibrary.org/dev/docs/api/books",
   "references": "https://opam.ocaml.org/packages/camlzip/",
   "references": "https://www.xpdfreader.com/about.html"