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  "title": "P3 Whitebalancer",
  "author": "Harrison Ainsworth",
  "date": "2007-12-09",
  "id": "urn:uuid:F7BE4575-B91A-49C8-9D91-DBCA5A46E987",
  "subtype": "text/html",
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P3 Whitebalancer

a whitebalancer component for high-quality rendering


Whitebalancer removes the color cast from an image.

This emulates the perceptual capability of ‘color-constancy’: it makes the colors look more like they did in the scene where the image was created.

It is a command-line application and a dynamic library, for Windows and Linux.

Application features:

  • reads and writes PPM and RGBE/HDR
  • reads and writes PNG and EXR — if you have the related libraries present
  • allows full control of the P3WhiteBalancer library

Library features:

  • float-triplet-pixel images accepted (linear, not gamma-corrected)
  • HDR or LDR images accepted
  • image colorspace and whitepoint specifiable
  • original illuminant specifiable, or automatically estimated
  • strength of color-shift adjustable
  • fast enough for semi-interactive use


cornellbox thumbnail
Cornellbox, auto-whitebalance
(20 KiB)
church interior thumbnail
Church interior, auto-whitebalance
(67 KiB)


Version 1.2 (2007-12-04)

💻 p3whitebalancer12exe-win.zip application and library - Windows (189 KiB)
🐧 p3whitebalancer12exe-lin.tgz application and library - Linux (x86) (79 KiB)
📦 p3whitebalancer12src.zip source code (180 KiB)