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various pictures from montecarlo renderers older and newer

Perceptuum 2

p2 Jensen box thumbnail
Jensen box (24 KB)
p2 cornellboxs thumbnail
Cornell box variations (34 KB)
p2 smitstests thumbnail
Smits tests (18 KB)
p2 winosi2 thumbnail
WinOSI test scene 2 (20 KB)
p2 room1 thumbnail
room with glass table (39 KB)
p2 room2 thumbnail
room with Bacon paintings (53 KB)
p2 glossyness1 thumbnail
range of glossy reflection (49 KB)
p2 glossyness2 thumbnail
range of glossy transmission (48 KB)
p2 sphereflake thumbnail
composite sphereflake (46 KB)
p2 dancing thumbnail
three dancing chairs (44 KB)
p2 library thumbnail
empty library at night (72 KB)
p2 cubes thumbnail
big glass cubes at night (64 KB)
p2 frontroom thumbnail
front room with indirect lighting (49 KB)
p2 study thumbnail
study with two luminaires (60 KB)
p2 study2 thumbnail
study with desklamp (53 KB)

Texture acknowledgements: Paintings by Francis Bacon, Picasso, and Titian, book by Henrik Wann Jensen and AKPeters, rugs from rugsuk.com.

Scene acknowledgements: Scenes from Brian Smits, scenes from Cornell, scene from WinOSI.

MiniLight 1

Cornell Box at morning
Cornell Box, at morning (30 KB)
Cornell Box at noon
Cornell Box, at noon (29 KB)
Cornell Box at evening
Cornell Box, at evening (32 KB)
Cornell Box at night
Cornell Box, at night (31 KB)
Smits tests
Smits tests (32 KB)
Front room, at noon
Front room, at noon (32 KB)
Front room, at night
Front room, at night (32 KB)