various software projects
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  "date": "2008-01-03",
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some CG rendering-related development projects


example imageMinimal global illumination renderer
MiniLight is a minimal global illumination renderer: an attempt to distill the essentials, in a clear form. Open-source C, OCaml, Scheme, and others, command-line app. Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Perceptuum 2

example image Global illumination renderer
An experimental physically-based renderer, with progressive refinement, frame-coherent/noise-avoiding sampling, and generalised BRDFs. Open-source (GPL) C++.

P3 ToneMapper

example imageTone mapper component
Transforms a high-dynamic-range image into a low-dynamic-range image. Implementation of Ward/Larson's 1997 technique. Open-source (LGPL) C++, command-line tool and dynamic library. Windows and Linux platforms.

P3 WhiteBalancer

example imageWhite Balancer component
Removes the color cast from an image. Command-line tool and dynamic library. Windows and Linux platforms.

C++ Library

codeSome graphics-oriented code
A casual gathering of quite reusable graphics-oriented C++ code. Open-source (BSD new).


diagramGeneral octree framework
Octree to store any object type, and apply any query algorithm. Uses externalised virtual pattern to be non-intrusive. Mixes genericism and polymorphism for minimal compiled size. Open-source (BSD new) C++ and Ruby. Ruby version here.

P3 Architecture

diagramRenderer architecture article
Formalised ideas for a new renderer version. But it is rather old now ...