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the Adobe Flex 2 version of MiniLight

MiniLight 1.5.2 Flex

A global illumination renderer in your browser:

Flash 9 (or later) needed

There would be a Flash application here, but it needs Flash 9 (or later compatible) player installed and enabled.

Not a demo — but the real thing. That is why it is a bit slow. (Although I expect, with some effort, it could be made 5-10 times faster (first-hit cache, emitter buffer, BIH index, ...).)

Sample models are:

  • http://www.hxa.name/minilight/cornellbox.ml.txt
  • http://www.hxa.name/minilight/roomfront.ml.txt
  • http://www.hxa.name/minilight/smits-large.ml.txt

Models larger than few thousand triangles might fail due to script-timeout. Rewriting the spatial index to construct incrementally would fix this. (Flex has no programmer multi-thread support, so it is like old non-pre-emptive Windows programming: algorithms must be manually factored into small executional slices.)

The ‘copy to clipboard’ button copies to the text clipboard in PPM-plain format — yes, that is decimal numbers in ASCII: fat, but easy to implement. Just paste into an empty text file and save as a .ppm file.

For more, see the main MiniLight page.